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Food is at the center of our work.We used quality products to raise chickens, pigs and turkeys (for Thanksgiving) to feed ourselves and you.

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We are committed to sharing all the knowledge we have gathered over the years when it comes to creating and sustaining a homestead. We offer an array of learning opportunities through farm tours, speaking engagements as well as homestead workshops and retreats.

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Birth deeply coincides with homesteading and our connection with the earth. With that in mind, Off Grid In Color provides wholistics doula services for those embarking on their own birth journey.

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Meat Boutique

The Meat Boutique offers only premium and high quality meat that is humanely and sustainably raised with the environment, mother earth, and you in mind. Non-GMO feed. No harmful chemicals. Good Food Raised with Love. Shop here!

Workshops and retreats

Every May we host workshops and retreats that teach the
fundamentals of self-sufficient
living all the while exploring it’s
health and wellness powers.
Come spend an off grid weekend
learning to preserve food, raise
livestock, garden, and heal your
soul. Sign up here!


Speaking Tours

Through workshops and lectures,
we share how individuals and
communities can transform their
pain into power by connecting
with Mother Earth. Talks generally take place during the winter season. Email us  at

for booking info.

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Doula Services

A doula accompanies birth givers in labor to help ensure a safe and satisfying birth experience. Using knowledge and experience, a doula provides emotional support, physical comfort and, as needed, communication with the medical staff to make sure that families have the information needed to make informed decisions as they arise in labor. OGIC offers customized birth and postpartum doula services. Contact us for more details!

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About us


In a nutshell

Off Grid In Color is a sanctuary for health and wellness providing quality meat and education.

Our mission.

To lead others to greater self-sufficiency through farm raised food, birth coaching, and community outreach.

The homestead

The homestead is the foundation of living: it is the way back to nature, a point of reference, and the source of wisdom. It’s the way to provide for oneself  and others. It’s security and personal utopia. It’s the innermost desires actualized in practice. It’s the world we all live in reimagined and simplified. Keeping only the best parts. Using borrowed practices from a number of different healthier, freer, and greener ways to live such as minimalism, intermittent fasting, permaculture, and collective savings.



 Chantel Johnson

Chantel Johnson is passionate about helping lead people back to enjoying simple ways of living while reconnecting with their inner spirit. Chantel’s passions are effectuated everyday. As a social worker, doula, and homesteader in North Carolina, she is able to teach and show people a nontraditional way of living. In today’s day and age that’s just what the soul needs. Since obtaining her Master of Social Work (MSW) degree from the University of Washington and moving to North Carolina, her life visions have continued to expand. She has since received her doula certification from G.R.R.A.C.E.E. National Doula Academy and has devoted her energies to homesteading.
Her visions are continually growing and she hopes to help nurture the visions of others in her larger community with her teachings and ever-expanding knowledge.

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Offering wellness through food, birth work and hands on learning.

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